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Functional Posturology

Pilates method
reviewed by Raphaël Galante 

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What is Functional Posturology?

Raphaël Galante has completed his knowledge by training through different methods and disciplines

This is how Raphaël Galante created, over the years, his own method and registered it, calling it “Functional Posturology”.


These pedagogical tools related to therapeutic movement make it possible to transmit in a more precise way, not only the learning of static and dynamic movement, but to practice it in full muscular, respiratory, articular, sensory and emotional awareness.


It is clear that the movement will become more therapeutic if the participants feel the well-being that this practice gives them. Indeed, the body then retains the benefits over the long term, and this in an unconscious effort, by integrating it into daily life such as automatic and daily habits such as sitting at the table, walking without thinking... 


postural awareness

If a specific physical activity is likely to contribute only to an ephemeral well-being, a perpetual conscience of a better placement and a better postural movement in coordination with breathing, will radically change the nature of the body and its attitudes in avoiding settling, excessive mobility and/or immobility. Thanks to a full awareness of the postural muscles, breathing and a good diet, the body will be better protected, more toned, more graceful, healthier, and will keep us away from a lot of diseases.  


We will move better, in full consciousness, both in a daily, private, professional or sporting activity. This method allows you to acquire new postural reflexes, better motor skills and perfect autonomy of your body in full sensory and emotional awareness. 


Functional posturology, the Pilates method reviewed by Raphaël Galante, allows the body to be gradually rebalanced, to prepare it for all the constraints inherent in daily life, professional life, etc., which makes it possible to better avoid falls or other possible accidents on a daily basis.  A better awareness of the body can prevent both mental deficiencies, such as Elsheimer's, Parkinson's, depression, epilepsy, as well as physical ones such as back pain, lumbago, discopathy, herniated discs, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, polyarthritis, joint prosthesis, fibromyalgia, organ descent, etc.  


From his experience, Raphaël Galante was able to notice the evolution and a clear progress in each of the participants and is convinced of the well-being of "functional posturology".

Raphaël Galante's goal is to teach you how to 

  • move better ​

  • Better  feel the well-being and benefits both physically and mentally.

  • Become more aware of your postural lines both in a static position and in movement. ​

  • Breathe better, live better


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More strength, more energy, better movement, better living.

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