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Raphael Galante

Trained as a dancer-choreographer, Raphaël Galante has been a Pilates method instructor since early 2010, trained and certified at Corpus Studios by Kelly McKinnon (internationally renowned and importer of the Pilates method in Belgium).  


For a little over 12 years now, Raphaël Galante first taught the classic Pilates method with passion, whether in private or group lessons (with a maximum of 15 participants).


Raphaël had time to notice that, during the first sessions, most of the participants perform the exercises by mimicry, without yet feeling the presence of the deep muscles. They compensate and also still have some difficulty in synchronizing breathing with movement. The muscles of the pelvic floor are not yet well aware, or even sometimes even forgotten, while the posture is very often unbalanced, both in a static position and in movement. 


Raphaël Galante therefore continued to deepen and complete his knowledge by training through different methods and disciplines, such as:

  • Certification in the Posturo Respiratory Approach or APOR, created by Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet: this is a bodily approach inspired mainly by yoga, with the primary objective of deep reinforcement of the abdominal strap and perineum without increase intra-abdominal pressure;

  • The Feldenkrais Method developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais: an educational system that uses movement to teach self-awareness and improve body functioning;

  • The Qigong;

  • Clinical posturology; 

  • And finally electro-myo-stimulation (EMS).

This is how Raphaël Galante created, over the years, his own method and registered it, calling it “ Functional Posturology ”.


Come try the experience

More strength, more energy, better movement, better living.

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